Countdown: 2 days ’till takeoff.

2 days to go… Yesterday K called me and said “should we get hiking boots?! I have a 30% off deal at DSW.”

While I love a good shoe deal, this is the first discussion past booking our flights that we have had on the matter of this trip.  I immediately went home, decided I did in-fact need new hiking boots, and while I was at it, re-activated my tinder.

Thoughts on Tinder: It’s a hot mess, but perfect. I changed by photos to only photos with K and let it be known that while there are two of us, there better be two of you as well. (We ain’t about that menage a trois life.)

For your approval, is my Tinder profile. Internet stickers and the blur functionality on the Aviary app have been applied to protect the not-so-innocent.


Until later, Onward HO!